Sunday, 25 May 2014

Open Educational Resources and the open movement


So far, this #ocTEL MOOC has been a worthwhile adventure. However, this morning I viewed the recording of the Week 3 Webinar with Cable Green, Director of Global Learning at Creative Commons, and I've got to say it's been my highlight so far.

While there was a familiar start to the Webinar, given my frequant professional use of Creative Common (CC) resources, there was much offered on a very useful level for OERs (Open Educational Resources). However, I am going to post my reflections in two entries; this first post is on the delivery of the Webinar itself. 

Well-delivered Webinar

Cable's delivery was something educators new to delivering content online should be directed to watch. It's that good.

While I suspect a couple of the questions were Dorothy Dix-ers (common lingo in Australian politics re planting questions) it worked really, really well. The first questioner, Martin, was able to provide context for Cable to apply the detail to, and carefully threaded this throughout his talk even when others asked more general (and likely spontaneous) questions. With no prepared slides, we either looked at Cable talking to us (vidcam), or at the whiteboard he was cleverly and messily drawing on to conceptualise a concept (and came back to usefully several times), or his typing on the whiteboard a range of questions popping up in the chat field. I haven't seen a Webinar done so well since I had the pleasure of professionally liaising online via Blackboard Collaborate's predecessor 'ElluminateLive!' with Steve Rowe, Southern Cross University

I felt the hour went very fast, I learnt a lot, and it felt very interactive (in a vicarious sense, since I was watching the recording...).

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