Thursday, 1 May 2014

#ocTEL - Week 0 – Expectations, Familiarisation & Practice

OK, so sitting here in Melbourne, Australia, I am not going to attend many (any?) live Webinars run in sensible UK times that would have me bleary eyed despite any good intentions to join in. So I aim to watch the recordings. The first one watched, and available as Blackboard Collaborate session or via YouTube:

     Learning the Ropes - ocTEL 2014 Week 0 Webinar

The tips I picked up to help towards answering my question of the previous post follow.

From facilitators and previous students or both:

My notes
No way can you even get through half the content
So no content curation?
Encourages engagement with others as more important
Therefore, connectivism?
Sue moderates Yammer for ocTEL
Link into this with my Yammer account.
Important to update your personal spaces online – which are pushed back to ocTEL community
Doing now.
If no blog, can join up with a group to discuss different topics, or use Google+, or bookmarking sites like Delicious,, etc.
Start a separate blog – i.e. this.
Points to the ocTEL ‘Reader’
Found it; it lists all linked up blogs, etc.
Limit to ‘if I only do one thing’ activity to get some traction, and lurking is OK until find your feet
Good. Sounds achievable.
Groups this year look geographical, c/- last year which were job related
Hmmm; geographical I understand re time zones, but …
Have a big question, which may change/evolve from week to week, to help focus your pathway (and not get overwhelmed)
E visited frequently, but in small time spans, 2-3 times per week after completing the ‘one thing’, to read, reflect, respond.
Good again. Sounds achievable.
Make a plan, a participation pathway, with own key questions
Example, do 30 minutes/day in ocTEL – no such thing as being behind
Sounds achievable.
Got through ocTEL 2013 by mainly working  engaging on Sundays

Found what ‘everybody’ was saying was very interesting

Used forum on site (had no blog of own) and downloaded all (own?) work to reflect on post course
Handy, but I’ve purpose created this blog, so I’ll be able to access my stuff…
Found Twitter helpful
I’ve linked my Twitter; I better start using it for ocTEL instead of always doing political or movie Tweets…
Why does ocTEL encourage own blog? So you keep your record.
Good advice.
Badges – new feature this year

5 Badges within each week; different badges, some for credit just for turning up, another for completing the “one thing”, and more
Look out for and claim badges (I got 1 badge from early in the OLDS MOOC for completing Week 1 activities  & it gave me at least a tiny sense that I’d achieved something)
Benefits of badges include looking to see who else is active
Looking at providing ‘open’ badges, that can be used on own sites, etc.

Cool - I believe there is a badge to get now that I've watched to Webinar... quickly I go to retrieve now...

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  1. Early days I know but great to see you are on schedule (you said May and here you are ;) I'm glad you find the badges motivational - these were a last minute addition but we are looking to develop further