Thursday, 1 May 2014

#ocTEL - Open Course in Technology Enhanced Learning

I registered for ocTEL, the third MOOC I have enrolled in. My first question I ask of myself is:

     "Will ocTEL be the first MOOC that I actually complete?" 

I have learnt successfully in each 'paid-and-contributing-to-qualification' online course I have ever attempted, but yet to finish one 'free' one...

ocTEL claims to be "the online course to help you understand better how to use technology to enhance your teaching practice". I'm a learning designer, or officially an 'Educational Developer' in my current role in an Academic Development Group sub-team titled: Educational Technology and Learning Design. I like to take on the roles of teacher and student every so often, plus aim to keep up to date with contemporary practices. That forms the vague reasoning for registering for ocTEL (plus was recommended in ALT circles), despite being quite time-poor.

BTW: I registered on 29 April 2014, i.e. 1 day after official course start date... I starting engaging 2 May... (sigh)

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  1. Hi Meg,

    The beauty of a MOOC is that you can engage in your own time, so don't worry about not engaging sooner. This is Week 0 so it's like a warm-up really :)

    Perhaps you'd like to think about why you haven't yet finished a MOOC yet, and whether it's important to finish a MOOC or to get from it what you wanted to. I completed my first MOOC earlier this year, having not completed two previously, and for me it was the structure and the topic that primarily helped me to complete it. The content was structured similar to ocTEL in terms of having three different 'levels' each week so I could complete the level that was most appropriate for me.

    Good luck with ocTEL!